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Homeric Tours' Christian Faith Tours

From the infancy of Christianity, the Word of God has been spread through travel. There is nothing more fulfilling than retracing the footsteps of the earliest missionaries and visiting the undeniably spiritual places in which they preached. We have put together specific itineraries to help you visit the places that your beliefs hold sacred.

Let us take you on a journey to the Holy Land, where it all began and follow the life and Footsteps of Jesus, preserved by scripture and religious tradition. Imagine retracing the Footsteps of St. Paul who traveled throughout Ancient Greece, Cyprus and modern day Turkey, Malta and Italy spreading the word of our Lord. Visit the island of Patmos where John the Divine wrote the Book of Revelations while in exile or perhaps visit Turkey and the Seven Churches of early Christianity. A visit to Jordan will allow you to visit Mt. Nebo, the burial site of Moses. While in Jordan, experience a spiritual awakening at one of the most significant sites in Christianity-the Baptism Site of Jesus in Bethany. Our Women of the Bible itinerary is an intriguing itinerary thatís worth visiting and seeing Israel from a different perspective. Our Footsteps of St. Thomas in India or our early North African Christian Roots itinerary will leave you in awe.

Our brochure includes wonderful Tours for those wishing to follow the Reformation Tour in Germany or our Methodist or Anglican Heritage tours in England. Our Biblical Baptist tours and our Heart of the Protestant Faith Tour will leave you with a memorable impression for a life time

Take a pilgrimage to the seat of the Roman Catholic Church-Vatican City to view the Sistine Chapel, the Crypts and magnificent St. Peterís Basilica. Pay tribute to the Virgin Mary by visiting Fatima or Medjugorje, two of the most famous sites where she appeared to show her love and protection for Godís children. Follow the foot Steps of St (Pope) Paul and St. Faustina in Poland or visit the Marian Shrines throughout. Visit Ireland and follow in St. Patrickís footsteps or St. Thomas More in England.

For the Christian Orthodox persuasion our tours showcases visits to the Monasteries of Greece, a pilgrimage tour of Orthodox Russia or Orthodox Turkey or Armenia and Georgia. Perhaps a tour on our Byzantine path to Romania and Bulgaria or Byzantine Cyprus may be of interest.

This is just a small sampling of what you can experience as you deepen your faith by traveling on one of our Christian Faith Tours. Come and embark on the journey of a lifetime with Homeric Toursí Christian Faith Tours. Please note, these itineraries are designed for coordinated group travel. If you are planning a group trip and would like a quote, our group department can assist you. If you are not currently part of a group and would like help in promoting your trip or contacting someone who can help you with your group, our group department will be happy to assist you as well.

About Homeric Tours

Since 1969, Homeric Tours has set the industry standard by providing memorable experiences through travel. Long established as the leader to Greece, the Mediterranean and the Middle East, we have expanded our offering to include authentic faith-inspired itineraries. These itineraries are sure to capture the interest of anyone from the most spiritual religious travelers to the curious historian seeking to re-trace the religious history.
The Homeric Tours family welcomes you to experience the same quality and experience that weíve delivered for years in our leisure and group travel services in our new Faith Tours itineraries. We hope to fulfill your spiritual journey soon.

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